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The e-cig scienceis the virtual place of dissemination of the most important scientific discoveries or news concerning the electronic cigarette and it could be considered as the main scientific communication project entirely developed and managed by FEM2-Ambiente. It’s the result of the combined work of biotechnologists, chemists, communication and marketing experts.

FEM2-Ambiente is aware that scientific articles often are written by scientists for other scientists, using a technical and complex language that discourages reading among the general public. Our multidisciplinary team is committed in summarizing the content of these kind of articles, using a simple jargon in order to spread reliable information in a language accessible to everybody through a dedicated blog.

The basis of every „science communication“ project is thus a close collaboration between scientists and communicators, creating a direct connection between the research world and a non-expert but curious audience.

FEM2-Ambiente offers its expertise to create websites, blogs or social pages/campaigns to make scientific projects and complex technical aspects understandable and accessible to a wider audience.

Our team will verify the needs of the partners and will propose the best solution, of course setting together the graphic and editorial style and providing a customized solution and quote.

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